ACID BAR at SWG3, Glasgow

External View 2.jpg

Incremental interventions are now complete to the existing industrial warehouse complex at SWG3, repurposing and combining unoccupied warehouse and industrial buildings to create new public spaces; the TV Studio, Galvanizers and Acid Bar. The three spaces have been designed to reflect their varied industrial past, while serving to unify SWG3 as a place to visit, work, socialise and celebrate.

Our work has culminated in the completion of the Acid Bar to enhance the access and supporting facilities for Galvanizer's and the Yard. This space provides box office and sanitary facilities, in addition to bar, cafe and retail opportunities including pop-up and gallery events. The new Acid Bar also incorporates a rooftop terrace with unique views of the complex and surrounding context, providing SWG3 with a purpose made high level outdoor space. 

Internally, the Acid Bar utilises a bright and fresh interior palette of materials and colours to contrast the industrial context while the programming and layout supports the complex and varied activity required for SWG3’s operational activities. The spaces are enhanced with permanent artworks commissioned by the client including a sculptural bar by Tessa Lynch.

External View.jpg
Alternative Proposal Gate closed 2017-10-06 10342400000.jpg