Galvanizers at SWg3, Glasgow

Throughout our time working with SWG3, they have been situated next to an active Galvanizing Yard. In 2016, they ceased trading and the team had an opportunity to expand the scope of programming at SWG3 with a large, clear spanned industrial space, and the adjacent yard all becoming a possibility.

Galvanizers : Image  Copyright D Eustace

Working to strip back and reveal the historic, industrial space has revealed a wealth of unique features to be rehabilitated such as the existing crane which travels the length of the shed, beautiful industrial brick finishes, original steelwork and vaulted ceiling. Incrementally, we have worked with the team at SWG3 to enhance the original features while also ensuring that the space is acoustically and thermally improved.

Galvanizers : Image  Copyright D Eustace 

Following the removal and replacement of the roof, new linings, openings, doors and a complete refurbishment of the interior, SWG3's have a versatile blank canvas for use in many different ways.

Galvanizers at SWG3

The Yard also provides a much needed external space for large activities such as the inaugural Yardworks Graffiti Festival and hosting The XX in summer 2017.

Yardworks Graffiti Festival 2017 

The XX : Yard at SWG3 : Photo by Dominic Martin

Images below from SWG3s instagram feed, showcasing all the various styling and activities that the space can host. We are excited to see the uses develop more over time.