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DO were commissioned through open international competition in 2006 to assist Marks Barfield Architects bring feature illumination to British Airways i-360 in Brighton.

10 Years later i360 opened it's doors to the public for the first time on Thursday 4th August 2016, 150 years after Eugenius Birch first opened  Brighton's West Pier, according to Julia Barfield inclement weather was common to both occassions!

Our role was to create a cohesive and complimentary feature illumination that would extend the gentle movement of the pod on the spire into the hours of darkness.

A red halo around the base of the pod appear to propel it gently upwards within white slots of light while at the top of the tower a very gentle 'Breathing sequence' presents a human dimension to this vertical promenade that reaches into the sky.

The glazed pod transports 200 visitors to 140m above the beach level and close to the top of the elegant 160m high spire, the tollbooth buildings have been carefully recreated to form the entrance pavilions to the experience. 

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Photo Credit Kevin Meredith

Photo Credit Kevin Meredith

Photo Credit Kevin Meredith

Photo Credit Kevin Meredith