Inglefield Street, Govanhill

DO-Architecture on behalf of the GHA have been granted planning for the erection of a 46-unit residential development on a brownfield site at the northern boundary of Govanhill adjacent to the Millennium Space.  

Corner of Larkfield Street & Inglefield Street

Corner of Larkfield Street & Inglefield Street

We propose a new residential development that attempts to reactivate the northern end of the block by providing permanent activity and life back to Inglefield & Larkfield Streets.  The introduction of new housing seeks to improve the housing stock in the area of Govanhill and provide a solid base for the further improvement and redevelopment of housing in the area.

External Access Balconies 

A strong architectural feature of this proposal is the use of deep external access balconies in both blocks.  This efficient method of circulation allows us to achieve the number of units on the site to make the project feasible, but also adds an extra dimension to the social and neighbourly experience of the tenants.

This strategy not only provides natural light and cross-ventilation within the flats but gives a sense of external entry much like that of a cottage flat or house with a semi-private privacy strip adding to that sense of ownership.

View North along Cathcart Road

We are proposing to reinstate the tenemental format by providing a hard edge to Inglefield Street & Larkfield Street. The development is divided into two blocks, North & West, which both contain a similar programme yet play different games in terms of form and scale.

A taller 6-storey above parking ‘North Block’ provides a more prominent face to Govanhill’s northern boundary while the shorter 4-storey from ground ‘West Block’ seeks to re-activate the street while replicating the height of the existing adjacent tenements of Inglefield Street.