DO : DCA Dundee

We are very excited to close the office early today, and head east on the train to celebrate the opening of DCA Dundee's freshly refurbished shop space, which we have been working on very intensely these past few months.  

Here are some before photos in and around the building, which was originally designed by Richard Murphy Architects and opened in 1999.  The space was a pre-war garage, occupied by skateboarders prior to its refurbishment.  

When the project was completed, the Architect's Journal reviewed the project describing :

“... an architecture of multiple layers and unfolding planes, of lovingly crafted nooks and crannies and.. an exuberance which is entirely at odds with the predilection among gallery curators for neutral white space ”

The project took many turns as it journeyed from inception in May 2012, to completion in February 2014.  The result aspires to form a gentle backdrop to DCA's carefully selected range of products and art works.  

We have continued a thread of investigation into materiality that first emerged in Laboratorio Espresso, in response to the industrial aesthetic of DCA's original design.  Below are some images made during the fabrication process.  The main elements of the project were built off site by Joachim King, and installed in a short period to minimise disruption to DCA's customers.

The team here at DO has loved working on this project, particularly because of its need for attention to detail, and the collaborative nature of the design process with a visually aware and design orientated client.  

Check back tomorrow when we will share some images of the completed work...