Station Underpass, Brighton

Until recently the Trafalgar Street underpass at Brighton Station was a dark space, mostly concealed from visitors' eyes. 

Working with Brighton & Hove Council we have taken a strategic overview of the space and how it sits with it's surroundings, then introduced light, colour and animation to enhance it's aesthetic, function and connectivity. 

The intention is to draw visitors and locals alike into and through the space, hoping to make the journey more enjoyable. 

The exercise aspires to enhance the status of the underpass from a space to a place, one where you might actually stop, rendezvous or socialize. 

The mix of new white light provides a comfortable and safe background street scape illumination by day and night, while animated colour is washed along the side wall, in a movement which is not dissimilar to the passing of night-time train. 

Brighton Station and this underpass structure developed in phases over a number of years, and it is hoped that the illumination and it's new attracted visitors will view and understand some of this history. 

Simultaneously and most important the connection between Brighton Station and the famously cultural North Laines is strengthened.