Viaduct, Brighton

DO were commissioned by Brighton & Hove Council to mark the vehicular gateways to the city at Preston Road and Beaconsfield Road. 

The brick arches support the London Road Viaduct over, carrying railway traffic Eastwards out of Brighton Station. 

The elegant form and scale of the arches combined with their aged engineering brick surface created a perfect palette for the addition of light and colour. 

The installation is intended to compliment and enhance the magnificent engineered structures and adds a certain drama on approach and passing under the brick arches, creating an awareness of arrival to or departure from the city. 

Colour shifts slowly on the inner face of each arch, just as the night-time commuter trains amble across the viaduct above. While white light placed inside apertures between each arch provides a strong and striking contrast to the colour. 

The local community have taken an instant shine to the transformation of their viaduct, and appear to enjoy passing through and stopping under this colourful gateway. 

Technically, the installation uses solid state technology in all luminaires, resulting in very low energy consumption with minimal maintenance.